Schedule & sailing areas

After our 4 month sailing trip from the Canary Islands via Madeira to the Azores and back, the 2nd part of our long-term charter sailing trip is still ahead of us. The Atlantic crossing and the Caribbean.

Sailing in the Caribbean

Dear sailing friends!

The transatlantic crew is already complete. The next free date for sailing and learning to sail is from

15 December to 8 January. Departure from Barbados towards Grenada, SVG and then north to Martinique. Only 1 place left!

From Martinique there are two 14 days cruises through the Caribbean / return flight again from Martinique:

08 Jan. – 22 Jan. 2022 still 4 places available
22 Jan. – 05 Feb. 2022 still 3 places available

February/March/April 2022
Martinique - Dominican Republic - Bahamas

From Martinique we sail nordwerts to the Dominican Republic (600 SM)

05 Feb. – 19 Feb. 2022: 4 places available

14-day sailing trip in the waters of the Dominican Republick from and to Punta Cana

19 Feb. – 05 Mar. 2022: 3 places available

From the Dominican Republic to the Bahamas/ 800 SM.

05 Mar. – 19 Mar. 2022: 3 places available

Sailing trip in the Bahamas:
19 Mar. – 02 Apr. 2022: 5 places available

If you are interested in one of the trips, just ask via the info page.